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In a perfect world, Innovators get things up and running!

As we learn to operate according to our own, unique design, we begin to find meaning and purpose in our efforts. Each human design is uniquely suited to dismantle the effects of capitalism and consumerism. When all five designs begin to operate in harmony, the effects will be tremendously beneficial for world. Deeply understanding and embodying your unique human design can free you of the guilt and shame that comes from these unspoken expectations.

As an Innovator, you are designed to work in bursts of energy. You are the only human design that is able to initiate and take action on your ideas without relying on any outside impetus. You are brilliant when it comes to getting the ball rolling, questioning, and shaking up the way things have always been done, and blazing a new trail.

You value efficiency, and you can get the same amount of work done in just a few hours that other people might spend a whole day on.

You do best when you are able to brainstorm and initiate new ideas and leave the implementation up to others (likely Builders), giving yourself time to rest and recharge before your next burst of energy. Others may try to shame you for being “lazy” when you don’t have the desire or energy to stick around for the implementation, but you lack a defined Sacral or 'energy' center and aren’t built to sustain long hours of work.

You may end up working for a company that sees how efficient you are when you’re in the midst of a Innovator whirlwind of productivity, and they might try to get you to replicate that highly productive state over and over again. They may express disappointment or guilt-trip you if you’re not able to do so.

But keep in mind that you’re best designed for ebbs and flows of energy, as well as fresh horizons. If you feel locked into a situation that demands consistent, standardized output, one that doesn’t allow you downtime, and one that requires you to do the same thing day in and day out, you might find yourself feeling angry at your circumstances. That means it’s time to change things up.

When you’re being your unapologetic Innovator self, you are someone who is bold, self-sufficient, and unafraid to follow your own path. You may even invent a new path, if your ideal one doesn’t exist yet. You’re a living example of someone who can be incredibly powerful while still honoring your need for rest. And you show the world that you are not destined to live a life adhering to the cookie-cutter standards of others. You can send of burst of brilliance into a room (an energetic mic-drop, if you will) and move on to whatever interests you next.

When you find yourself repeating the Innovator reverse mantra, “I should be able to replicate my brilliance, over and over again, indefinitely”, remember, you get things up and running and operate best in bursts of energy.

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