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The One Thing You Need to Know to Thrive in a Post-Capitalism Society (Part One)

In this three-part mini-series, I introduce the seismic shift we are currently living through and invite you to embrace your individual uniqueness.

One doesn't need to look to deeply at the United States and other nations today to see the tell-tale signs of a Post-Capitalistic society that Peter Drucker, the great management consultant, predicted nearly 30 years ago. The geopolitical, economic, and environmental systems and structures have been shaken in recent years. And there will be more to come. The system that we have been born into and have come to know is being phased out. The themes of security, conquest, and capitalistic aspirations are being replaced by a need to express the emotional spirit, leaving behind a tribal-focused age and entering a very individualistic age. As the pace of change quickens, we experience the final thrashing of an old and dying age as the new one is born. And we are here at this specific time to help usher in this time of Self-Empowerment, if you are prepared.

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"The best way to predict your future is to create it" - Drucker

Signs of Seismic Shifts

In 1993, Peter Drucker outlined a possible evolution of capitalistic society in his book Post-Capitalist Society. The book stated that knowledge, rather than capital, land, or labor, is the new basis of wealth. The classes of a fully post-capitalist society are expected to be divided into knowledge workers or service workers, in contrast to the capitalists and proletarians of a capitalist society. In the book, Drucker estimated the transformation to post-capitalism would be completed in 2010–2020.

And In 2015, according to Paul Mason, the rise of income inequality, repeating cycles of boom and bust and capitalism's contributions to climate change has led economists, political thinkers and philosophers to begin to seriously consider how a post-capitalistic society would look and function. Post-capitalism is expected to be made possible with further advances in automation and information technology – both of which are effectively causing production costs to trend towards zero.

The belief that 'we'll be taken care of' by something or someone 'out there' is mutating. In the United States we've seen this most notably in our financial systems as financial responsibility continues to be shifted from corporations to individual. For example, since passage of ERISA in 1974 and the creation of individual retirement options, pensions and other corporate-supported retirement programs have declined considerably in the last 50 years. Let's not forget the shifting costs of health care away from insurers to individuals with the advent of High-deductible plans and Health Savings Accounts.

The Westernized Culturescape is built on capitalism and consumerism and is wreaking havoc on our identities and sense of purpose and worth. The desire to accumulate more and more stuff, to ‘make a living’, or to find happiness paves a life full of striving to be the perfect, productive, and an economically successful worker. One that can work tirelessly, without breaks, grinding it out, and prone to burnout. Having slowly conditioned us and moved us further away from what is correct for us through fear, guilt, shame, and the power of marketing, now is a time where more and more people are stepping into their own personal power. Just look at the fallout of 2020 and the stirrings of the "Great Resignation" that prompted millions to re-evaluate and assess how and where they wanted to direct their precious resources of life, time, and energy.

To be continued...

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