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The One Thing You Need to Know to Thrive in a Post-Capitalism Society (Part Three)

As we conclude this series, I expose the one thing you need to know to thrive in this ever-changing world and I encourage you to explore and experiment with your own, personal Human Design.

As I previously shared, when experimenting with the system, we learn to operate according to our own, unique design, and meaning and purpose begin to flower more effortlessly. Each human design is uniquely suited to thrive in life and business when allowed to operate in harmony. When that occurs, the effects will be tremendously beneficial for the world.

Career Design

Your Career Design shows you how you’re designed to express yourself in your career and business world. Understanding your type allows you to live out the purpose of your unique Career Design, and work with it rather than resist it. While there are millions of variations of designs, these are the core types.

Each of us is one of these types, and your type stays the same throughout your entire life.

Innovator - When they have freedom to create, Innovators bring originality and inspiration forward.

Classic Builder - When their work is satisfying, Classic Builders perfect and sustain the process of bringing inspiration into form.

Express Builder - When their work is satisfying, Express Builders quickly and efficiently bring an inspiration into reality.

Advisor - When recognized, Advisors excel at organizing and leading individuals, groups and systems.

Evaluator - When in the right environment, Evaluators provide an objective assessment of people, communities, and businesses.

Want to know your personal Career Design? Start by getting your personalized Success Code Map.

And here we are for the big reveal...What's the one thing you need to know to thrive?

It is realizing your own self-worth and value as a human being.

Fundamentally, we are all the same – human beings - carbon-based life forms, some water, a little DNA. And we're not the same. There is no one else quite like you. You are a unicorn. As unique and distinct as your own fingerprints. And you have the power to find what is correct for yourself, to thrive in this current Culturescape and to live a life of peace, success, surprise, and satisfaction. There is a whole other program out there to follow, if you're open to adventure and experimentation.

I encourage you to get your own Success Code Map and experiment. Follow along with the next five posts as I dive a bit deeper into the five types and learn the potential impact all five career designs can have on your career, your business, family, and the world!

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