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The One Thing You Need to Know to Thrive in a Post-Capitalism Society (Part Two)

In the previous post, I introduced Peter Drucker and Paul Mason's theories of Post-Capitalism. Today, I'll introduce an alternative method to embrace the changing times.

What does this mean for you and me?

A Post-Capitalism Society, whether one calls it a knowledge economy, shared economy, or human economy, all involve a greater awakening and shift toward understanding, empowering, and honoring the Individual. In the previous Era of Planning, we experienced a world where systems and structures were created to care for us. It was about trusting the outside, and in a sense, sometimes being a victim to what's happening outside of ourselves. The Era of Planning exhibited a theme of being very logical and very tribal-oriented. We honored our intellect over the value of our human existence.

With greater access to knowledge, information, and technology, the coming Era of the Individual will continue to challenge and demand us to find ways of taking care of ourselves. As structures and systems fail, we will need to make sure that we are choosing what is correct for us, not what others dictate for us, individually.

How many stories of the depressed lawyer or doctor have you heard who, after following in their parent's shoes, found themselves lost, depressed, and feeling helpless? Having been lost in dependency, it is time to create your own path and this new era is requiring us to discover ourselves so that we know what is correct for ourselves along that path.

Now, not only have we been shifting from the outside-in to an inside-out approach in our personal lives, we're also shifting from a top-down management/leadership structure to a bottom-up structure. We are seeing this more and more with grassroots efforts largely due to greater access to communication platforms. We are seeing the practice of management shifting from telling people what to do to leading and guiding the process with a focus on an individual's strengths where the diversity of talent can be maximized. The very way that we run and manage groups and organizations is also dramatically changing by becoming more and more aligned to the way individuals uniquely, yet naturally, perform.

A Game-Changing Tool

I’ve found a system able to guide me and others to navigate life in a way that is perfectly aligned with who we are, not with who someone expects us to be. As a student of the Human Design System and the business and career application of this system, I've incorporated this tool into my own experience to uncover what makes me different from everyone else. The system reveals how our inner guidance system operates and provides practical techniques for making decisions that can greatly enhance our experience of life.

People see how the Culturescape demands are unattainable and even damaging to chase after. When we’re inevitably unable to meet these expectations, we end up burnt out, feeling trapped, chastising ourselves for not being “good enough.” We are essentially being asked to live a life that simply leads towards exhaustion.

When experimenting with the system, we learn to operate according to our own, unique design, we begin to find meaning and purpose in our efforts again. Each human design is uniquely suited to dismantle the effects of capitalism and consumerism. When all five designs begin to operate in harmony, the effects will be tremendously beneficial for world.

Deeply understanding and embodying your unique human design can free you of the guilt and shame that comes from these unspoken expectations. This may be the most important education our children are going to receive, an education that is going to give them the foundation to be able to survive with integrity in a world that is no longer going to provide them with the infrastructures to protect them.

To be concluded...

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