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What chapter in history do you want written?

We have much to honor on this Fourth of July 2020. We have much more ahead of us.

As the world adapts to the implications and impacts from COVID-19 and the United States confronts its history, humanity is attempting to express itself fully. Our history book is packed with stories of struggle for freedom, autonomy, and independence. Our unwritten chapters could be filled with more of the same if people continue to embrace fear and oppress the soul of other people. It's happening in the United States. It's occurring right now, somewhere on planet Earth.

This year, we have the chance to meet a lot of people and read a lot of books. Remember, you can't tell a lot about a book by its cover… so it is with people. Let's be grateful for the men and women who have fought in so many ways for our country. Let's appreciate the women and men who stand for equality, for independence, and for hope. Look around… you'll find them almost everywhere. It's our work from home parents, our teachers, our first-responders, our health practitioners, our protestors, and the leaders who stand up to power and speak truth! The truth that we are all human, humans who want the same things and who aren't all that different at heart.

It's well-known that our animalistic instincts, hard-wired within us, cause us to analyze and judge others as a form of protecting ourselves, our families, and interests. These instincts have us asking the questions… Is this person like me? Are they different? Are they here to help or are they here to hurt? Will they share with me or take from me? Isn't it interesting how we've evolved as a species in order to ask these questions… yet, we've not evolved enough to consciously answer them in a way that collectively elevates our own experience and that of others?

It doesn't have to be this way. We don't have to surrender and surround ourselves with fear. We don't have to employ fear-based marketing tactics. We don't have to listen to the politician berating us with what we're losing to someone "over there". How many more messages do you need to receive from the news that incite fear, separation, or some other stress inducing feeling of loss? It does take effort though. It takes effort to talk to people, listen, and learn. Much like the effort it takes to open a book, read, expose yourself to different ideas, thoughts, and perspectives.

On this Fourth of July, what chapter in history do you want written? For me, it will be a chapter on hope and belonging.

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