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In a perfect world, Classic Builders do what they love is an inspiring force to behold!

As we learn to operate according to our own, unique design, we begin to find meaning and purpose in our efforts. Each human design is uniquely suited to dismantle the effects of capitalism and consumerism. When all five designs begin to operate in harmony, the effects will be tremendously beneficial for world. Deeply understanding and embodying your unique human design can free you of the guilt and shame that comes from these unspoken expectations.

If you're a Classic Builder who’s already begun to learn about your human design, you’ve likely read things that tell you that Builders are the “worker bees of society.” Reading these descriptions without going a bit deeper into your type can initially feel disempowering. Needless to say, that can be a bit depressing at first... unless you've seen the 2007 Bee's Life movie and can appreciate the beauty of bee society.

As a Builder, you are great at working. You have a defined energy center, called your Sacral center. Meaning that you have consistent access to an incredibly potent source of life-force energy. You are meant to spend your days expending your energy so that you can fall into bed at the end of the day, all spent, and ready for sleep.

But what the Human Design lessons are trying to convey is that while you can be the perfect “worker bee,” you are not meant to work at something you don’t enjoy.

You have the ability to detect which endeavors truly light you up and which don’t. You’re meant to expend your energy doing the work you love. You know that it is not an entitlement to desire an outlet for your energy that you are truly passionate about. And, it doesn’t even need to take the form of a full-time job—it could be a hobby, a creative outlet, a side hustle, or the joy of raising a family.

As a Builder, you have the ability to cast off the outdated and well worn perspectives one might find themselves in like hating a job for 20 years but sticking it out because you're 'supposed to'. You replace these perspectives with more empowering ones like, “I deserve to pour my energy into something that genuinely lights me up.”

As someone who has a lot of energy to draw from, you are unique in a few different ways. Builders are the only people who are primarily meant to understand themselves during this lifetime. Whereas, Advisors are designed to understand the other, Evaluators are meant to understand the Collective, and Innovators are meant to understand their impact.

When you find yourself repeating the Classic Builder reverse mantra, “It's whiny and entitled to say that I want a job I actually like”, remember, doing what you love is a magnetic and inspiring force to behold!

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