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In a perfect world, Express Builders shake it up and provide the energy to move things along!

As we learn to operate according to our own, unique design, we begin to find meaning and purpose in our efforts. Each human design is uniquely suited to dismantle the effects of capitalism and consumerism. When all five designs begin to operate in harmony, the effects will be tremendously beneficial for world. Deeply understanding and embodying your unique human design can free you of the guilt and shame that comes from these unspoken expectations.

We are conditioned to believe that most jobs in life are inherently unsatisfying and frustrating. We are expected to keep pace on the treadmill of a monotonous work life by fueling up with coffee in the mornings, office snacks during the day, maybe a drink after work, before checking out for the weekend. Work has become all about getting a paycheck, whereas the weekends are for really living your life.

The sad fact is a lot of jobs are indeed unsatisfying, but we've been sold the idea that’s just the way it is and always has been, and therefore, that’s the way it always will be. We do what we can to exist in a post-capitalist world, and for many of us, that means working at jobs we hate.

As an Express Builder, you are uniquely designed to pivot and change things up when something isn’t working. You’re the type of person that is best equipped to do so. You are designed to pour your immense energy into things that truly light you up. And when you feel that excitement and passion wane, that is a strong signal to you to reevaluate and see if you can change course.

When you’re embodying your uniqueness, you are able to show others that we don’t always have to stay stagnant in a stifling environment—whether that’s a work situation, or a relationship, or living situation. Of course, not all of us are afforded the same privileges and safeties when it comes to our ability to shake things up and change our circumstances, but as an Express Builder, you can at least serve as an example to the world that you don’t have to gaslight yourself into being happy with an unsatisfying status quo.

You can show others what it looks like to own your right to a fulfilling life, and to do all that you can to find your way towards it. When you find yourself repeating the Express Builder reverse mantra, “It doesn't matter if I hate what I'm doing, if I don't stick it out, I'm a quitter!”, remember, shaking things up a bit generates the energy you need to move along.

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