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In a perfect world, Advisors guide the process.

As we learn to operate according to our own, unique design, we begin to find meaning and purpose in our efforts. Each human design is uniquely suited to dismantle the effects of capitalism and consumerism. When all five designs begin to operate in harmony, the effects will be tremendously beneficial for world. Deeply understanding and embodying your unique human design can free you of the guilt and shame that comes from these unspoken expectations.

As an Advisor, you may carry a deep wound around productivity and self-worth. You might think of yourself as someone who was incredibly productive and able to expend impressive amounts of energy. In reality, Advisors have an inability to generate their own, personal energy.

What you have been doing is naturally taking on and amplifying the incredibly powerful energy resource found in other designs, such as the Builders and Express Builders, around you. Most Advisors think, “Me? A ‘non-energy design’? Are you kidding?! I get more work done than anyone I know.”

That’s where it gets tricky.

You see the energetic output of most humanity—Builders and Express Builders—and you have been conditioned to believe that you should match that pace. Instead, you are equipped with an ability to see deeply into other designs and understand how they tick.

Because of this, you can be good at imitating how other's operate—for a while, until you burn out.

You’re excellent at seeing the potential of others, and because of this, you can often hold yourself to high standards when it comes to your own potential. On top of that, Advisors

deeply desire (and deserve) recognition. In our current society, we are taught to receive recognition through very specific actions or channels, and these channels usually involve expending endless amounts of energy chasing somebody else’s standards.

Embracing your unique design as an Advisor allows you to understand that you are not meant to expend huge amounts of energy like the Builder design. Doing so means that you are running on someone else’s fuel, setting yourself up for burnout. And, more than that, you are not meant to chase after someone else’s definition of success.

Your worth is not inherently tied to how much energy you expend, how much you get done, or how much you produce. You are inherently worthy, just as you are. And you are uniquely equipped to contribute to the world through pathways that don’t involve the standard, 40-hour work weeks. You are meant to contribute through your potent insight and perspective.

An Advisor knows that there is no true glory in bragging that you stayed up all night at the office, or that you haven’t taken a sick day in five years. You are here to show us that quality can matter more than quantity, that ease does not equate to laziness, and that we are all worthy of love, regardless of what we produce.

When you find yourself repeating the Advisor reverse mantra, “My worth as a human is tied to my productivity and output”, remember, you here to help us cut through all that nonsense.

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